Dialing code +265
ISO 2 code MW
ISO 3 code MWI
Capital Lilongwe
Main Language None
Currency Kwacha (MWK)
GDP $11.6 billion 140th
Population 15,447,500 63rd


Continent Africa
Location Southern Africa east of Zambia
Land 118,480 km2 101st
Terrain Narrow elongated plateau with rolling plains rounded hills some mountains
Climate Sub-tropical; rainy season (November to May); dry season (May to November)
Natural Hazards Narrow elongated plateau with rolling plains rounded hills some mountains
Note: Landlocked; Lake Nyasa some 580 km long is the country's most prominent physical feature

Neighbouring Countries

Mozambique Tanzania Zambia


Established in 1891 the British protectorate of Nyasaland became the independent nation of Malawi in 1964. After three decades of one-party rule under President Hastings Kamuzu BANDA the country held multiparty elections in 1994 under a provisional constitution that came into full effect the following year. Current President Bingu wa MUTHARIKA elected in May 2004 after a failed attempt by the previous president to amend the constitution to permit another term struggled to assert his authority against his predecessor and subsequently started his own party the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in 2005. As president MUTHARIKA has overseen substantial economic improvement but because of political deadlock in the legislature his minority party has been unable to pass significant legislation and anti-corruption measures have stalled. Population growth increasing pressure on agricultural lands corruption and the spread of HIV/AIDS pose major problems for Malawi.
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Life Expectancy 43.82 years 198th
Median Age 16.8 years 198th
Birth Rate 41.48 births/1,000 population 13th
Death Rate 17.6 births/1,000 population 11th
Sex Ratio 0.74 male(s)/female 131st
Literacy 62.7% 172nd

15.4 million


Roadways 15451 km 121st
Railways 797 km 101st
Airports 34 110th
Waterways 700 km 74th
Heliports None
Airports paved 1 158th


Currency Kwacha (MWK)
GDP $11.6 billion 140th
GDP per capita (PPP) $800 196th