Dialing code +370
ISO 2 code LT
ISO 3 code LTU
Capital Vilnius
Main Language Lithuanian
Currency Litas (LTL)
GDP $63.3 billion 81st
Population 3,565,000 131st


Continent Europe
Location Eastern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea between Latvia and Russia
Land 65,200 km2 124th
Terrain Lowland many scattered small lakes fertile soil
Climate Transitional between maritime and continental; wet moderate winters and summers
Natural Hazards Lowland many scattered small lakes fertile soil
Note: Fertile central plains are separated by hilly uplands that are ancient glacial deposits

Neighbouring Countries

Belarus Latvia Poland Russia


Lithuanian lands were united under MINDAUGAS in 1236; over the next century through alliances and conquest Lithuania extended its territory to include most of present-day Belarus and Ukraine. By the end of the 14th century Lithuania was the largest state in Europe. An alliance with Poland in 1386 led the two countries into a union through the person of a common ruler. In 1569 Lithuania and Poland formally united into a single dual state the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This entity survived until 1795 when its remnants were partitioned by surrounding countries. Lithuania regained its independence following World War I but was annexed by the USSR in 1940 - an action never recognized by the US and many other countries. On 11 March 1990 Lithuania became the first of the Soviet republics to declare its independence but Moscow did not recognize this proclamation until September of 1991 (following the abortive coup in Moscow). The last Russian troops withdrew in 1993. Lithuania subsequently restructured its economy for integration into Western European institutions; it joined both NATO and the EU in the spring of 2004.
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Life Expectancy 74.9 years 77th
Median Age 39.3 years 35th
Birth Rate 9.11 births/1,000 population 193rd
Death Rate 11.18 births/1,000 population 44th
Sex Ratio 0.53 male(s)/female 200th
Literacy 99.6% 17th

3.6 million


Roadways 80715 km 56th
Railways 1765 km 77th
Airports 87 66th
Waterways 441 km 84th
Heliports None
Airports paved 1 120th


Currency Litas (LTL)
GDP $63.3 billion 81st
GDP per capita (PPP) $17700 62nd