Dialing code ++1-649
ISO 2 code TC
ISO 3 code TCA
Capital Cockburn Town
Main Language English
Currency Dollar (USD)
GDP $216.0 million 200th
Population 20,556 224th


Continent North America
Location Caribbean two island groups in the North Atlantic Ocean southeast of The Bahamas north of Haiti
Land 430 km2 203rd
Terrain Low flat limestone; extensive marshes and mangrove swamps
Climate Tropical; marine; moderated by trade winds; sunny and relatively dry
Natural Hazards Low flat limestone; extensive marshes and mangrove swamps
Note: About 40 islands (eight inhabited)

Neighbouring Countries


The islands were part of the UK's Jamaican colony until 1962 when they assumed the status of a separate crown colony upon Jamaica's independence. The governor of The Bahamas oversaw affairs from 1965 to 1973. With Bahamian independence the islands received a separate governor in 1973. Although independence was agreed upon for 1982 the policy was reversed and the islands remain a British overseas territory.
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Life Expectancy 75.42 years 68th
Median Age 27.9 years 100th
Birth Rate 20.79 births/1,000 population 86th
Death Rate 4.18 births/1,000 population 193rd
Sex Ratio 0.95 male(s)/female 20th
Literacy 98.0% 55th



Roadways 121 km 198th
Railways None km
Airports 8 156th
Waterways None km
Heliports None
Airports paved 1 152nd


Currency Dollar (USD)
GDP $216.0 million 200th
GDP per capita (PPP) $11500 88th