Dialing code +852
ISO 2 code HK
ISO 3 code HKG
Capital Hong Kong
Main Language None
Currency Dollar (HKD)
GDP $307.6 billion 38th
Population 6,898,686 100th


Continent Asia
Location Eastern Asia bordering the South China Sea and China
Land 1,092 km2 186th
Terrain Hilly to mountainous with steep slopes; lowlands in north
Climate Subtropical monsoon; cool and humid in winter hot and rainy from spring through summer warm and sunny in fall
Natural Hazards Hilly to mountainous with steep slopes; lowlands in north
Note: More than 200 islands

Neighbouring Countries


Occupied by the UK in 1841 Hong Kong was formally ceded by China the following year; various adjacent lands were added later in the 19th century. Pursuant to an agreement signed by China and the UK on 19 December 1984 Hong Kong became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China on 1 July 1997. In this agreement China promised that under its "one country two systems" formula China's socialist economic system would not be imposed on Hong Kong and that Hong Kong would enjoy a high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign and defense affairs for the next 50 years.
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Life Expectancy 81.86 years 6th
Median Age 42.3 years 5th
Birth Rate 7.42 births/1,000 population 206th
Death Rate 6.76 births/1,000 population 131st
Sex Ratio 0.88 male(s)/female 48th
Literacy 93.5% 93rd

6.9 million


Roadways 2040 km 170th
Railways None km
Airports 2 185th
Waterways None km
Heliports 5 29th
Airports paved 1 194th


Currency Dollar (HKD)
GDP $307.6 billion 38th
GDP per capita (PPP) $43800 11th