Dialing code ++1-441
ISO 2 code BM
ISO 3 code BMU
Capital Hamilton
Main Language English
Currency Dollar (BMD)
GDP $4.5 billion 156th
Population 65,365 207th


Continent North America
Location North America group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean east of South Carolina (US)
Land 53 km2 231st
Terrain Low hills separated by fertile depressions
Climate Subtropical; mild humid; gales strong winds common in winter
Natural Hazards Low hills separated by fertile depressions
Note: Consists of about 138 coral islands and islets with ample rainfall but no rivers or freshwater lakes; some land was leased by US Government from 1941 to 1995

Neighbouring Countries


Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Tourism to the island to escape North American winters first developed in Victorian times. Tourism continues to be important to the island's economy although international business has overtaken it in recent years. Bermuda has developed into a highly successful offshore financial center. Although a referendum on independence from the UK was soundly defeated in 1995 the present government has reopened debate on the issue.
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Life Expectancy 80.43 years 15th
Median Age 41.3 years 14th
Birth Rate 11.57 births/1,000 population 158th
Death Rate 7.3 births/1,000 population 116th
Sex Ratio 0.7 male(s)/female 157th
Literacy 98.0% 54th



Roadways 447 km 186th
Railways None km
Airports 1 196th
Waterways None km
Heliports None
Airports paved 1 94th


Currency Dollar (BMD)
GDP $4.5 billion 156th
GDP per capita (PPP) $69900 4th