Dialing code +376
ISO 2 code AD
ISO 3 code AND
Capital Andorra la Vella
Main Language Catalan
Currency Euro (EUR)
GDP $3.7 billion 162nd
Population 84,000 202nd


Continent Europe
Location Southwestern Europe between France and Spain
Land 468 km2 198th
Terrain Rugged mountains dissected by narrow valleys
Climate Temperate; snowy cold winters and warm dry summers
Natural Hazards Rugged mountains dissected by narrow valleys
Note: Landlocked; straddles a number of important crossroads in the Pyrenees

Neighbouring Countries

France Spain


For 715 years from 1278 to 1993 Andorrans lived under a unique co-principality ruled by French and Spanish leaders (from 1607 onward the French chief of state and the Spanish bishop of Urgel). In 1993 this feudal system was modified with the titular heads of state retained but the government transformed into a parliamentary democracy. Long isolated and impoverished mountainous Andorra achieved considerable prosperity since World War II through its tourist industry. Many immigrants (legal and illegal) are attracted to the thriving economy with its lack of income taxes.
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Life Expectancy 82.51 years 2nd
Median Age 39.4 years 33rd
Birth Rate 10.35 births/1,000 population 175th
Death Rate 5.89 births/1,000 population 152nd
Sex Ratio 0.98 male(s)/female 17th
Literacy 100.0% 1st



Roadways 270 km 192nd
Railways None km
Airports None
Waterways None km
Heliports None
Airports paved None


Currency Euro (EUR)
GDP $3.7 billion 162nd
GDP per capita (PPP) $42500 13th